I am currently interested in the subject of Pastry Jiggers, sometimes known as Pastry Jaggers, Pastry Wheels, Paste Jiggers, Jagging Irons, Janing Irons, etc..  In their simplest form, these have a wheel at one end which produces a jagged cut and some form of crimping device on the other, but there are are literally dozens of variations.


From a trade catalogue of Morehouse, Wells & Co, Decatur, Illinois, 1884

          Little seems to have been written on the subject, apart from discussions of those made by whalers as love tokens, which come under the subject of scrimshaw and have therefore attracted much interest among collectors of that subject. 

            I have an interesting variety of jiggers and am interested in acquiring further examples, particularly those of an unusual nature, the more unusual the better.  But information is equally important and I am keen to contact anyone who can illuminate the subject in any way. Any correspondence or information would, of course be in the strictest confidence and would not be published without permission.

     The slide show I had on this page seemed to be causing difficulties in viewing, so I have replaced it with static images, to give an idea of the variety of jiggers which are found; if you have such items for sale please contact me at: