A small collection of crowns formed a few years ago and sold just before such coins trebled in value in a couple of years. Isn't hindsight annoying!   

James I, First coinage, 1603-4, mm Thistle, Spink 2643

Charles I, Tower Mint, 1634-5, mm Bell, Spink 2758

Commonwealth, 1656, mm Sun,
Spink 3214

Oliver Cromwell, 1658,
 Spink 3226

James II, 1687, TERTIO, Second Bust, Spink 3407

William & Mary, 1691,
Spink 3433

William III, 1695, First Harp, 
Spink 3470

George III, 1819,  
Spink 787

Victoria, Young Head, 1845,
Spink 3882

Victoria, 'Gothic' type, 1847
Spink 3883

Victoria, Old Head, 1893,
Spink 3937

Edward VII, 1902,
Spink 3978

George V, Jubilee, 1935
Spink 4048

George VI, Coronation,1937
Spink 4078

Charles III, 8 reales, Mexico City Mint, as minted without overstrike

George III overstruck on Charles III,
 8 reales, Bolivia, Potosi Mint, (Current for 4s 9d), Spink 3765

George III overstruck on Charles IIII,
 8 reales, Mexico City Mint, (Current for 4s 9d), Spink 3766

George III Bank of England Dollar, 1804, (Current for 5s), overstruck on Spanish American 8 reales, Spink 3768

Cark Cotton Works, Cartmel, Cumberland, 4s 6d token overstruck on Charles III, 8 reales, Mexico City Mint, 1777

Cromford, Derbyshire, home of Arkright's Spinning Jenny, 4s 9d token overstruck on Charles IIII 8 reales, Mexico City Mint, 1798